Accountancy Services

Many smaller businesses do not have the expertise or resources to undertake functions carried out by in-house accounting departments, and larger organisations with a footprint in Malta may prefer to outsource the work rather than have to find offices and employ their own staff.  Fenlex assists in ensuring that your accounting tasks are carried out promptly and efficiently while you can concentrate on core business functions.

Our accounts team is designed to allow for a team of accountants and accounts clerks to be assigned to a company, supervised by the team’s leader, for the efficient and most cost effective service. This system also allows for better continuity in the provision of said service and the implementation of the four eyed principle. Fenlex encourages accountants to focus and specialise in an industry of preference, in order for Fenlex to better and efficiently service a broader range of clients.

Our services include the following:

  • Update the company’s book keeping records
  • Prepare management accounts
  • Prepare end of year financial statements
  • Prepare audit file
  • Liaise with the auditor on the Company’s behalf during the audit process
  • Submit audited financial statements to the Maltese Registry of Companies

Key Contact

Josef Pace