Banking Administration

The process of opening a bank account has today become a time consuming and complex exercise mostly in view of the heavy regulation that banks as well as all service providers are now subject to. It is no longer simply a matter of completing forms but more about providing the required due diligence documentation to comply with AML requirements to afford the assurances needed on both the account holder and the origin of funds that will be going through the account. Handling multiple bank accounts and maintaining an overview of the transactions involved across all accounts can further be a challenge for both business and personal clients alike. With our comprehensive and ongoing support service you can be rest assured that your banking is in safe hands. Our banking support team specialising in the administration of bank accounts, is always ready to assist and can provide tailored advice making the journey to open and administer a bank account easier.

Our main objective is to provide excellent banking support to our clients from start to finish. We will address all your specific banking needs, provide solutions, as well as liaise directly with the bank for and on your behalf. We have brokered excellent working relationships with the main leading banks in Malta and are in a position to:-

  • introduce you to a bank of your own choice
  • offer guidance and advise throughout the entire process of opening either a personal or corporate account
  • address instructions within 24 hours of receipt
  • provide timely support to all banking queries and issues concerning your bank account administration.


The services usually include:

  • Opening of  local bank account in local and foreign currencies,
  • Management of the account (payments, transfers, deposits, reconciliations, letters of credit or other banking instruments),
  • Ordering of Cheque book facility,
  • Ordering Credit / Debit card facility,
  • Electronically managed accounts (internet banking).
  • Mail forwarding of all bank correspondence to any address of your choice.