Fenlex does not only assist clients when planning to move or set up their business in Malta, but also offers all the necessary help required when a client may wish to take up residence here. Relocating to a foreign country can be a difficult and stressful move and therefore we design our service for your move of home to be as welcoming and smooth as possible. Not only do you have to cope with a change of home, you also have to adapt to a different culture, a different administration and maybe a different language. Although Maltese is Malta’s national language, a Semitic language written in the Roman alphabet, English is also the official language and very widely spoken.

Fenlex has assisted a number of clients take up residence in Malta and slowly but surely built up the necessary expertise allowing our clients to effortlessly make the move and settle in quickly.

Our services include:

  • Assistance with High Net Worth Individual Structure, work permits, Residence Programme Rules, Residence Programme Rules, and identity card applications;
  • Assistance with tax registration and tax compliance in Malta;
  • Location of residential property on sale or for rental in Malta;
  • Managing the purchase of property and any necessary equipment;
  • Preparing the property for commercial or domestic use;
  • Handling short term accommodation (be it in a hotel or self catering apartment, prior to the finishing of your home or property);
  • Introduction to private banking facilities;
  • Arrangements for children’s education – Identification of schools and registration
  • Vehicle importation
  • Health insurance and motor insurance.