Trustee & Fiduciary

Malta has a mature, dynamic trusts and fiduciary services industry that is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority. Fenlex (through Fenlex Trust Services Ltd) has been duly licensed to offer fiduciary and trust services for over twenty-five years, and has in fact offered such services to a very wide range of clients with diverse needs ranging from estate planning, protection of assets and to cater for children with special needs. Trusts are also now very often used in commercial transactions.

Fenlex also assists in the drafting of all documents required to set up a trust as well as offers trustee services.

The identities of the direct registered shareholders of a Malta company is information that is publicly available at the Register of Companies. Should a client prefer to hold shares in a company through a licensed trust company this is possible and the trust company may be appointed as his mandatory. Kindly refer to Ultimate Beneficial Owner Register.

Key Contact

Claire Scicluna