Our escrow service offers a secure way for both individuals and businesses to make purchases, sell products or services, and complete transactions. We may also assist in the preparation of escrow agreements and any documents related to a transaction.

The introduction of trusts into Maltese law has provided the framework for authorised trustees to act as escrow agents, a simple mechanism used to allow a trusted third party to  hold an asset such as money, property, a deed, or a bond in his custody for delivery to a grantee only after the fulfilment of specific conditions stipulated in a contract.

Through our licensed trust company, we may act as a third-party referee, this by way of example, may be for the holding of a payment from buyers, and only releasing the asset to suppliers upon the buyer confirming delivery.

Escrow agreements are useful if:

  • a business depends on assets it does not own itself or legally control;
  • the parties do not have an established business relationship;
  • the transaction involves a series of events; or
  • a business wishes to enforce the relationship of trust with its clients by placing funds in escrow.


Our escrow service can reassure your customers and improve your business relationships while safeguarding your assets throughout a transaction.

Our escrow services include:

  • In cases of cash transactions, funds would be kept in a dedicated escrow account;
  • Drafting of an escrow agreement;
  • Acting as escrow agent in the context of various commercial transactions.

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