Author: Letizia Grech Seychell, Senior Tax Accountant

Date: 1st March 2021

Head of Tax Compliance Department William Cassar and Senior Tax Accountant Letizia Grech Seychell write in yesterday’s edition of the Times of Malta:

“COVID-19-related measures such as travel restrictions and curtailment of business operations are still very much in place and they seem to be here to stay for at least the medium- term. To this end, the OECD felt that it should provide additional insight on three main concerns…”

“What clearly stems from the OECD guidance is that, in the OECD’s opinion, temporary changes in circumstances during these extraordinary times should not give rise to tax treaty implications. However, this guidance only represents the views of the OECD secretariat and therefore taxpayers should closely monitor any guidance issued from relevant tax authorities to be able to correctly assess their particular situations.”

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