VAT Services

Value Added Tax can be a time consuming task for you and your business. VAT rules are constantly evolving and are often difficult to comprehend unless working in the sector. We therefore provide professional VAT services for a wide range of businesses and help our clients to organise their activities in a VAT effective and efficient manner. This service is managed within our tax compliance department.

Malta forms part of the EU’s VAT system. It is for this reason that following registration all Maltese companies whose management and control is situated in Malta may apply for EU-compliant VAT numbers. The need for careful planning is important for VAT purposes to ensure, where applicable, the recovery of VAT. Mismanagement of one’s VAT affairs can have a major impact on business profitability; we can keep track of your VAT records, returns and deadlines.

The complexity of the VAT legislation demands a comprehensive knowledge of the VAT system to avoid penalties. In helping businesses manage their VAT charges, our services include:

  • VAT Registration,
  • VAT Administration,
  • VAT Return Assistance,
  • VAT Refund Claims & Recovery.