Registered Office and Dedicated Office Space

As required by law, a Maltese company must have its registered office situated in Malta, irrespective of where the company’s business is undergone. A company’s registered office must always be an effective address for delivering documents to the company and its officers/shareholders. It must also be the address where the company incorporation documentation, registers and copies of annual accounts are held and are available for public inspection.

Having a fixed address for a newly registered business can be quite a task for businesses setting up in Malta, especially those who wish to start off on a small scale. A major part of the cost of running an enterprise is indeed the cost of having premises. We therefore offer a registered address facility, which is a simple way of establishing a legal presence in Malta, without having to go through any short or long term costly arrangements.

We offer our clients the use of our premises as their registered office. In addition, when it comes to meetings and negotiations, we provide boardroom facilities at our premises ensuring that you can meet in a comfortable business environment that is conducive to a successful deal.

If a more comprehensive service is required, Fenlex can also provide serviced office space, located in a prime location, which service would include facilities that meet all business requirements.