Fenlex welcomes three new Directors to the board – Claire Scicluna, Adrian Mercieca and Josef Pace, who have been part of the management team at Fenlex for a number of years. Their appointment to the Board of Directors is in line with the company’s vision and commitment to prepare the organisation for further growth and development, to recognise individual performance as well as strengthen its service provision and  governance by adding new blood that is experienced and qualified .

Claire Scicluna, holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Malta, majoring in Management and Accounts and post-grad certification from The Chartered Governance Institute (CGI). She been working with Fenlex since graduating in 2006 and has risen through the ranks in various roles including head of operations and business development.

Adrian Mercieca holds an MBA from the University of Derby and a post grad Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership from Pearson . He joined the organisation in 2008 and currently heads the Company Administration Department handling all corporate, compliance and banking matters.

Josef Pace is an Accountant by profession with a practice certificate in Auditing. He moved to Fenlex in 2017 after having held the position of CFO for many years with one of the big four firms in Malta. Josef is currently responsible for the Finance and Risk functions of the organisation