On the occasion of International Women’s Day, this is a message from Nicolai Vella Falzon:

I am hugely proud to have recently been elected to manage an organisation which does not think in terms of gender but only in terms of competence.  While the subject of gender equality is still a hotly debated subject, and while many countries (not least our own) still strive to achieve proper gender equality across all strata of society,  I am proud to lead  an organization that is not only inclusive of women at all levels, but actually has a workforce in which women outnumber men by quite a stretch. In fact, no less than 66% of the members of our organization are women and approximately half of our management complement, including my able predecessor, is also composed of women.

My message this morning to our teams at Fenech & Fenech and Fenlex was to take the occasion to celebrate the achievements of women generally and, more-so, of all the women within the organisation with special mention of those super-mums who balance their careers with the incredible responsibility of motherhood with so much sacrifice and hard work.  Happy Women’s Day!