Author: Jade Micallef, Senior Tax Accountant

Date: 11th February, 2021

The Commissioner for Revenue notifies that persons who derive rental income from a private residential long lease registered with the Housing Authority can now benefit from a tax rebate which can be deducted from their tax levied on such rental income.

Such tax rebate is applicable:
1. For leases registered as from basis year 2020;
2. Where the applicable tax rate is 15%;
3. Where the lease duration is of at least 2 years; and
4. Subject to a capping depending on the lease duration and the number of bedrooms.

Where the lease falls short of a full year, the tax rebate is proportionate to the number of days for which the lease is executed.

Such rebate can be claimed online through the submission of Form TA24 whose deadline for filing and payment of rental income derived during basis year 2020 cannot be made later than 30th April 2021. Late submissions and payments are subject to interest as stipulated by Law.

Should you require further information or assistance on the completion and online filing of Form TA24, please do not hesitate to reach out to us personally on