Author: Christian Farrugia, Senior Corporate Administrator
14th April, 2020

Due to the ongoing global situation with respect to COVID-19, many sporting events and competitions have either been suspended until further notice or cancelled entirely. This has in turn affected operators licenced by the Malta Gaming Authority (the “MGA”) which offer Type 2 games, defined as “games of chance played against the house, the outcome of which is not generated randomly, but is determined by the result of an event or competition extraneous to a game of chance, and whereby the operator manages his or her own risk by managing the odds offered to the player”.

As a result, the MGA has announced a number of measures in relation to several payment obligations typically due to the MGA under normal circumstances for Type 2 providers.

The obligation to pay compliance contribution and gaming tax for the months of March, April and May 2020 has been extended by three (3) months for each of these months. For exclusive Type 2 providers whose fixed annual licence fee is also due in one of these months, the same extension applies.

Licenced operators are also reminded of the option to voluntarily suspend a vertical until sporting events and competitions return back to action to mitigate any costs which may have outweighed the yields from that vertical as a result of little to no betting activity available.

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